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Services Offered



  • Luxury Homes

  • Model Homes

  • Multi-Family Homes

  • Community Ammenities



  • Corporate Office Buildings

  • Medical Office Buildings

  • Retail Centers

  • Convenience Stores

  • Lifestyle Venues


*Wineries only. Not applicable for strip malls, office buildings or convenience stores which must be done by civil engineers.


"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

–Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar Land Rover

The Process


  • Establish the "Wish List" and "Must Haves" for project elements, timing for design process, and budget.

  • Collect site information such as title report, plot plan, architectural and civil drawings.

  • Review your inspirational images and discuss the feeling you want in your landscape.

  • Verify HOA, City or County landscape regulations and Design Review Processes required for permits

  • Review construction process for project design implementation.

  • Visit project site to analyze opportunities and constraints, topography, site conditions, solar & wind patterns, adjacent properties, view corridors, and many other items.



With all the information accumulated thus far, concept sketches are generated showing how the various design elements may be arranged to fit your site and spaces.Considerations during this process include circulation patterns, views to enhance or screen, drainage patterns, existing trees to be preserved, sun & shade areas, and many other criteria.

We will review the concepts together and refine the design by incorporating your feedback until you have a plan that feels good to you.


Provide landscape architect with additional photos and information relating to architectural styles, garden themes, details, materials, and finishes desired. Deliverables of this phase may include:

  • Develop details for design elements

  • Select materials for hardscape, planting, & lighting

  • Estimate cost of construction


What may be delivered (based on our agreed scope of work):

  • Construction Plan - this shows the layout of the hardscape for walkways, patios, decks, pool, spa, BBQ, fire pit, fireplace, retaining walls, fences, etc.

  • Grading & Drainage Plan - this plan shows where drains will be located, where the drain pipe will be routed, spot elevations showing heights of walls, steps, and direction of flow for surface drainage.

  • Irrigation Plan - this will show type of irrigation, whether it's drip or spray, equipment to be installed for valves, backflow device, controller, etc. all in compliance with TCEQ or other state/local jurisdiction as applies to the location.

  • Planting Plan - shows the locations for plant material and identifies the botanical and common names, sizes, and quantities.

  • Lighting Plan - Low Voltage lighting for the landscape shows off your investment after the sun sets. This plan identifies light fixtures to be used and their locations.

  • Details & Specifications - This part of the plan set provides contractors with visual drawings and written descriptions of materials they will use for installation of hardscapes, irrigation,, planting, & lighting. This is critical for the bidding process so you can compare apples-to-apples.

HOA or PLANNING APPROVAL required (if applicable to your project)



Once the Construction Documents have been approved by the HOA and/or local jurisdiction, the plans can be put out for bid. Getting at least 3 bids is a good guideline to establish the cost for construction and to interview different contractors to find a good fit with your needs. We can review these bids together and ask for more detail or explanation as needed. When you select a contractor, they will  need a signed agreement and may ask for a partial payment to begin the work.


During construction, I will stop by your site to check on the progress, make sure the concrete forms are correct, check the quality of workmanship, and ensure that materials delivered are acceptable and what was specified on the plans. Inevitably, construction changes happen due to unforeseen circumstances. This is part of the construction process, however, I need to know about these changes so communication is critical during construction so we can address these changes and avoid costly mistakes.


When the final plant is installed and the low-voltage lights are in place, we will have a final walk-through to ensure everything is installed properly and there are no deficiencies in the installation. Some jurisdictions require a "Letter of Conformance" before issuing a Certificate of Occupancy. If this is required, only after any deficiencies are corrected will this letter be issued.

Maintenance guidelines will be provided to help you keep you new landscape looking great. These will be customized to the materials used and installed.

Basic, Standard & Premium Plans
Pricing varies per project. 
Basic Plan

Draft the Dream

Concept Only.

Standard Plan

Plant the Seeds

Concept with some details and plants identified.

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Glass of Red Wine
Premium Plan

Make it Happen

Full Construction Documents (CD’s) for bidding and construction.

-Construction, Irrigation, Planting, and Lighting Plans. 

-Details and Specifications.

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